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I went to Canberra on the the Sunday Before the last week of term 1 early in the morning (6:30) *cough *cough not more like (5:30) *cough.This Trip was with my Y6 class and the rest of Y6 with out parents. Once We arrived in Melbourne we took a trip Up *cough down one second later *cough *COUGH, but seriously once we got to Canberra we spent the night in what seemed to be a house *cough Room. The next morning we went around Canberra to see the Governor General’s House (Quentin Brice) we nearly got to see her but we just missed here, then we went to Old Parliament House to have a look around (I thought it was not the best part of the day). After That We Visited the Parliament House, It was the highlight of any Y6 boy (not so much Y5 Y4 Y3 etc) when we saw the real Senate and the real House Of Representatives and the roof, did you know the Australian Flag on top of the Parliament House is actually half a tennis court! After that we spent another night at the house *cough (room).



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Here is where I will post small things about my life… blogy stuff.

^ made up word


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I have been sick for the past week at school so I have to catch up, and on top of that I have lots of tests.


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Just a week ago I received my silver certificate this allows me to get one step closer to have lunch with the head master which is a great pleasure to have. I am really happy

My Speech about Chicken class activity

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I think I did really well in my speech about Chicken and I got good marks, But not good enough to verse the other classes and then If I won that I could visit the other state champions. But I didn’t make it so :( :(, but I have to turn that frown up side down and just think I did my best :)

By the way heres a copy.



Have you ever met a dog who loves her toy so much that she can’t let it out of her sight? I’m Jamie and I have wrestled my dog to get Chicken to come in today.






My dog’s name is Daisy and Chicken’s name is Chicken.  You might well ask …

What is so goooooooood about Chicken?




Well, listen to what I have to say and you will find out today!






You might be thinking in your mind, what is Chicken? Well Chicken… Chicken is the one an only squeaky Chicken. (TWO SQUEAKS ).



Chicken makes high pitched sounds like a Chicken with some kind of Chicken disease. AND yes Chicken was made in China.







Do you want to know how Daisy met Chicken? She was given Chicken on the 19th of April 2013 as her birthday present.




And she went absolutely bonkers and went on a squeaking rampage (INSERT SQUEAKING RAMPAGE).

Ever since then, she has been in love with Chicken





SO why does Daisy love Chicken so much? Who knows, she hasn’t told us, but we can guess.  For example Chicken is good for keeping Daisy entertained. This is useful because I might be too busy to pay her attention.



Also Chicken doesn’t answer back which is a great bonus for Daisy. Chicken is like Daisy’s best friend when I’m away.






And the best thing about Chicken is that Daisy can tell Chicken all her secrets.



Luckily Chicken isn’t bad for too many things.  But there are just a few problems to mention. Imagine trying to watch TV or talk to someone with this noise going on! (Four SQUEAKS ).






Also Chicken can become just the slightest bit repetitive. Like when you are trying to get to sleep at night she will come in and squeak Chicken to keep you awake.




It can be hard to take Daisy for a walk sometimes because  she wants to bring Chicken for the car ride, but then she won’t leave the car because Chicken is there!







From all this craziness you might be wondering why does Daisy loves Chicken soooooooooooooooooooo much. Because Chicken squeaks and it makes her feel like Chicken is talking to her.




Chicken is LOADS of fun to play with because you can hide Chicken, you can throw Chicken and you squeak Chicken. Chicken is also tasty and colourful which makes Chicken very attractive










Chicken is so fantastic that I have come to the conclusion that every man and dog needs a chicken in his or her life.






You have listened to me and have learnt just how much a Chicken can improve you dog’s life. Will you buy your dog a Chicken?

Loads of squeaks